If you are not on your game with digital marketing, you will be at the mercy of those who are.


Need advice on a Google Adwords campaign? How about a Search Engine Optimisation strategy? What about intelligent call tracking for online conversions? Or even Social Media Marketing. Whether it’s Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising you need, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or a Social Media campaign, Orizor Softech has teams of dedicated specialists to assist your every need.


We spend hours poring over customer acquisition campaigns from various industry experts. What we’ve found is that the difference often comes down to ad copy. Good copy is about separating yourself from the pack, and it’s impossible to do that with the same page title as everyone else on a given search results page. The key to good copy is ensuring that the copy is developed by an industry expert.


Digital marketing in today’s world is a highly complex field and one that is ever evolving. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, Pay Per Action (PPA) Advertising, Online Ad Exchanges, Demand Side Platforms, Social Media Marketing, it can all be beneficial for your business, however, it takes planning and careful management to ensure you are spending the right amount of money in the right areas.


How can you build a strategy or work to improve something if you don’t first establish what improvement looks like? What do you hope to achieve? Start here.


SEO is the process of optimising a website to improve the website’s search engine results page (SERP) rankings. In other words, search engines such as Google, when determining their SERP rankings, check your website against a list of algorithms or ‘rules’ that tell Google how relevant and important your website is. Search engines like to see certain things on your website (which we call on-site SEO) like new and relevant content that is well written, on point, with good grammar. At Techwitty, we take SEO to another level. We have tools and techniques that are highly sought after and love helping our clients smash page one rankings! The harder the challenge the better!

More Leads

In terms of tracking a successful lead generation project, it all comes down to your campaign tracking. Are you using advanced tracking software that tells you where your leads come from, what type of lead each lead is, and how to optimise your site to increase conversion? This is truly the backbone of any successful digital marketing campaign!

Content Marketing

Search engines also like to see things on other websites (which we call off-site SEO) that relate to your website. These things can be articles about your website, hyperlinks to your website from other similar websites and all sorts of technical terms which we will not go into here. Search Engine Optimisation SEO works to address these on-site and off-site requirements, ensuring the site is as compliant as possible with all the things that search engines like Google say your website should or should not have.

Engage Users

Improving the engagement rate of a site is a great goal to aim for! Your audience needs to want to engage with your site. Having engaged users provides a fantastic opportunity to persuade and educate prospective customers about your products, services or business.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Encompasses things like Google Adwords, Google Display Network, Google Business, Google Shopping, Google Remarketing, Retargeting, YouTube Advertising and much more. Techwitty specialises in PPC so let us give you a competitive quote for these services.

Calculated Results

Although Pay per click may sound easy, a lot of companies have created campaigns that generate next to no click-through action because they lack a compelling message or targeting the wrong keywords. Do not BBQ your ad budget on generic keywords!!!


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